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During the coronavirus crisis, I am only able to offer online video counselling sessions for the time being.

I am a qualified, BACP registered integrative therapist. This means that I abide by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist’s ethical framework of practice and that I work with particular modalities and tailor them to suit your specific needs. Above all, I am a person with an authentic human presence. The connection between our two authenticities can serve as your vehicle for change. I provide a non-directive and non-judgemental approach where you can freely engage in a process of exploration and feel accepted.

I have experience of working with London mental health charity organisations for more than 5 years, IAPT services and the private mental health sector for 2 years. During this time, I had an opportunity to work with individuals who presented different issues including: self-harm, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties and parenting issues. I have special interests in the role of language in therapy with bilingual clients and the healing potential of music.

I provide therapy in English, Serbian and Croatian. 


My qualifications​​:


MSc Therapeutic Counselling, University of Greenwich, London


MSc Psychology, University of Kingston, London


Why therapy?

There are times in life when you would like to openly share what you are experiencing, to be heard and understood and at the same time, to listen to yourself, understand your emotions and thoughts and be able to carry on. Therapy is one of the ways that can help you when you feel down, when you need support or when you just need to talk to someone who can listen and make you feel heard and understood. Not having someone with whom you can share the challenges of everyday living can have a negative impact on your functioning. As M. Angelou said: There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

What to expect 


Together, we will examine your past, so you can better understand your present. We will explore your feelings and thoughts in order to determine how they reflect on your behaviour. I will respect you, your individuality and unique ways of being and I will modify my approach to meet your needs and goals. All this would not be possible without the feeling of safety.  This is developed through  trust 

and a non-judgmental space that we will

create together.


              Therapeutic relationship 



Over the years, research, as well as my clinical experience, have confirmed that the therapeutic relationship itself is essential to the change that clients experience. Therefore, our relationship will be explored and discussed as one of the main aspects of our work. This can help you to understand your other relationships, usual patterns of behaviour and thinking. The therapeutic alliance we develop can work as a model for you of how you might heal other relationships in your life, as well as a safe space to try new ways of relating. The more you understand yourself, the more patience you will have for others.

What you can achieve from therapy


Find a new perspective of looking at things.

Talk openly without fear of being judged.

Recognise unhelpful patterns in your thinking and behaviour and identify other, more helpful ones.

Recognise difficult feelings and find ways to live with them.

Find a way to release feelings of stuckness and move on.

Relax and improve your sleep.

Improve your relationships.

Develop greater self-awareness.

Before the session

An initial 15-minute telephone consultation is offered free of charge to provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and establish whether you would like to book an appointment. If you think that I am the counsellor you would like to work with, we can meet in person in one of my counselling practices.

Fees and payments


During the coronavirus crisis, I am offering online video counselling sessions at a discounted rate of £45 for new clients only.  


I accept payments by bank transfer. 


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

Lao Tzu


Therapy room

I work from a beautiful therapy room in Earlsfield, very close to Tooting, Clapham and Wimbledon. 

1  Dawnay Rd

London SW18 3PQ